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Supremes top 5 highest prices

Supremes top 5 highest prices

Have you educated yourself in the resell world? Do you know what it is all about? Did you know there are people that are making a living by just doing that? Well yes it is true, People make a whole lot of money by buying stuff for a retail price and selling it again for a higher price, that is what we call the resell price!!

There are a few brands that come to mind when you think about reselling “Yeezy, Jordan, airmax” but Supreme is one of the most popular names there is in the “resell-world”. Supreme started as a skateboard shop in New York Founded by James Jebbia. Now they Collaborate with a lot of other brands and people would do anything to get there hands on anything that comes from the brand. So that is why people pay the most insane prices for Supreme. So here you have a top 5 of Supremes highest resell prices that we have seen since it’s existence.

5. Supreme x Coleman Mini-Bike

Photo: Sneaker Bucks

they collaborated with Coleman on this mini-bike. Yes, you heard that right, and actual miniature motorbike, branded with a Supreme box logo. Retail price was around £1000, and the bike now sells for triple that, and sometimes more.

4. Supreme Louis Vuitton Bootleg Skate Decks


Photo: Highsnobiety

Way before the official Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration this year, back in the year 2000 to be exact, Supreme produced three bootleg skate decks featuring their take on the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern. Box-logo T-shirts also released alongside these. However, word spread quickly and Louis Vuitton soon heard about the collection. Lo and behold, they issued Supreme with a cease and desist notice, basically meaning that they had to stop selling the products and destroy any remaining stock. Due to this, they now demand an extremely high price on the resell market.

3. Supreme Mo-Wax Box Logo


Yes! We are talking about a t-shirt with the box logo from supreme on it. These are very rare, there were only 50 made in total, so that is why people are prepared to pay the most insane price for this shirt. The resell price it is going for now is £2000.

2. Supreme x Fender Stratocaster

Photo: eBay

Supreme launched their first ever collaboration with the legendary guitar brand Fender. The model of choice was the Stratocaster – probably the most iconic guitar shape ever. Supreme placed a box logo between the top two pickups, and the rest of the guitar was decked out in all white, including the fretboard. The guitar retailed for near to £2000, and was extremely limited upon release. The resell price it is going for now is £7000.

1. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk


This is without a doubt the most expensive Supreme item ever released. It was part of the brand’s official collaboration with Louis Vuitton, and retailed for around £60,000. Pretty crazy if you ask us. The collaboration is now regarded as an iconic fashion collaboration, and is highly desirable by celebrities around the globe. The resell price it is going for now is £70000+.

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