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Have you ever wondered how it is to play professional basketball in Poland? Kourtney Treffers recently extended her contract for another year with Ślęza Wrocław. Besides that, she went on tour with the Dutch National Team to Rome to play against two of the best American College teams there are.

1. You are going into your second season in Poland. How is this club different than your clubs in the Netherlands and Italy?

In Poland, everything is more professional, and everyone works very hard on the details, especially on the court.

2. Is there a difference between the basketball culture in Poland, Italy and the Netherlands?

I think that the Polish culture is quite cold, but the work mentality is very high.

3. Could you tell us about a normal day for you in Poland?

I get up around eight in the morning and eat some oatmeal with a piece of fruit. Around nine o’clock I drive to the gym. The first practice of the day starts around 10 a.m. and lasts until 12. After this practice, I have some time for myself. Usually, I go home to rest and eat something. Around six our second practice of the day starts. This time of day we practice for about two hours, until 8 o’clock. Then, I have the rest of the night off.

4. How long did it take before you felt at home there?

It took quite a while before I felt at home in Poland. When I arrived there, I already had my knee injury and that made it harder for me to feel at home between people I did not know.

5. You had to recover from an injury this season. How did this impact you?

It was a really difficult period for me, because I had never experienced this before. It was even harder, because I made the decision to rehabilitate back home in the Netherlands. After a while, you do miss being together with your team, and practicing with them. Eventually, it turned out great, and my injury healed. Still, this was a learning moment for me, and I came out stronger.

6. You won the championship. How did this feel?

I do not think I can explain the feeling… It is so special. The team and I worked so hard and done so much to get to that point and win the Championship.

7. Janis Ndiba is going to play in your team as well. What do you think she can add to the team?

I am very happy that she joined our team. She deserves to play for a great club. I think she can mean a lot for this team, on and off the court.

8. Have you started the preparations for next season?

Yes, we just started with our pre-season. Now, we are busy with getting our condition back, and learning the plays. Our goal is to be ready for the first game of the season and the Eurocup game.

9.  Your team, Sleza Wroclaw, won the championship last season. What are your expectations for next season?

I think it is difficult to say what my expectations are. I expect that we give it our all, high intensity on the court and that we are willing to work hard. If we do this, we will see where we end up. Our main competitor would be Polkowive and they have a strong team, with great individual players.

10. Is there a team you still want to play for?

I would like to play for Bourges, a team in France.

11. Last week, you played against two American college teams, Duke and uConn, with the Dutch National Team. How did you experience these games?

It was a great and fun experience to play against these teams. I think that this kind of teams, with young players, bring a lot of energy to the floor and work as hard as they can to win games.

12. What is your experience with playing for the National Team?

I think it is an honor to play for the National team. Every year I enjoy playing for the team again.

13. What are your expectations for the qualification of the Eurobasket 2019?

It is never easy to qualify if you are at the bottom, but that is no reason to think that we cannot and will not make it. I believe we can make it! I know that if everyone uses their qualities in the right way that we are going to make it!

14. You made the choice to play professional instead of going to play at an American College. Would you make this choice again?

I think it is always easy to say that you could have done things in a different way. If I could turn back time, I would have made the same choices. Playing at a College and studying in America is a good and practical combination, but I did not make that choice and I have no regrets.

15. What is the best (basketball) tip you have ever gotten?

I think the best tip I have ever gotten is “in order to succeed, you must dare to fail”.

16. You have played in Den Helder, what is the most important things that you have learned there?

The most important thing I learned is to always have fun while playing basketball and that you always have to work hard.

17. Do you have any rituals before a game?

Yes, I do. I always listen to the same song before I put on my shoes. It is called Believe by Fearless Motivation, and it is an inspirational speech.

18. What do you think you can improve in your game next season?

I think I can improve my mentality next season.

19. What is your greatest skill on the court?

My greatest skill is my athleticism.

20. Where is the best court you have ever played on?

That would be in Den Helder, de Sportlaan.

21. Who is your icon in basketball?

Tim Duncan

22. What is your best basketball memory?

That we won the Championship with Sleza last season!

23. What is your ultimate dream in your basketball career?

As I said earlier, I would like to play for Bourges in France. My ultimate dream would be the WNBA.

24. Meindert van Veen is …

Meindert van Veen is a man with a heart of gold!

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