24 Seconds with Nino Gorissen

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September 15, 2017
September 15, 2017

It is almost time for the new season. The last rosters are being finalized in the Dutch Basketball League. One of the last players that was added to a team was Nino Gorissen, who made the step from Landsmeer to play in Weert. He will make his debut in the DBL.

1. You won the championship with Landsmeer last season. How did this feel?

It is a great feeling hahaha! This is the thing that you are practicing for the whole season, and that you actually win is the best.

2. You are going to play with Weert in the DBL this season. What do you think is the biggest difference between the competitions?

The level in the DBL is higher than the league below, the tempo is higher and it is a lot more physical. In the ‘Promo’ there are a couple of teams that are good, but in the DBL every team is of a high level and difficult to play against.

3. Why did you choose to go to leave Landsmeer now?

It was always my plan to try and play in the highest possible competition, and I noticed that playing at Landsmeer was not as challenging anymore. Unfortunately, they are not playing in the DBL.

4. What are your expectations for next season for the team?

That we are going to surprise several teams in the DBL, even though that we have quite a young team, but I think the games against the best teams are going to be tough. I do not dare to make a prediction on where we are going to end up in the standings.

5. What are your personal goals this season?

My main goal is to develop myself and get experience with playing in the DBL.

6. What is your best skill on the court?

I think that would be my ball handling, the fact that I can change speed and direction well and my court vision.

7. Could you describe your playing style?

I am a creative player, who tries to make the players around him better.

8. What do you think you still have to improve?

I think that you can always improve yourself in every way, but I am trying to focus on improving my shot.

9. This summer, you went to the European Championship in Romania with the Dutch National Team u20. How did you experience this?

It was a great experience for me. This was my first European Championship, so it took some getting used to. I thought it was great to play against players my own age on an international level. The most important thing I learned was that I have to play smart.

10. At what age did you start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball when I was six years old.

11. Why did you choose to play basketball?

My father has been playing basketball his entire life and he was coaching a lot back then. It was quite an easy choice for me to start playing basketball.

12. What is the best (basketball)tip that someone gave you?

I think that would be that you should never think that you cannot do something or that you cannot achieve something.

13. Who is your favorite basketball player?

Allen Iverson. I enjoyed it quite a lot when I saw him play. At the moment, I like the playing style of Kyrie Irving.

14. What is your best basketball memory?

When I played under 13, we went to a tournament in France with a mix team of three different clubs: Apollo, Harlem Lakers and Landslake Lions. This was a great experience. We won the third place, but during the award ceremony I was voted MVP of the tournament. I have always remembered this, and I think this gave me an extra push to continue playing basketball.

15. Who is the best coach that you have ever had?

That is a very difficult question. I do not have a favorite or best coach. I think I learned a lot from every coach that I have ever gotten.

16. Do you have any rituals before a game?

No, I do not do anything special, but I do want to listen to music before every game.

17. Do you want to play abroad?

Of course, it has always been the dream to play basketball abroad and be able to make it your job to play basketball.

18. Do you have a specific club in mind that you still want to play for?

No, I do not have a specific club in mind, but what I said before, I want to play abroad, and if that could be in one of the A-level countries, that would be awesome!

19. What is your ultimate goal in your career?

To be able to play in the EuroLeague.

20. How would you describe your clothing style?

My friends and I always call it the flashy lifestyle.

21. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

That would be shoes.

22. Do you have a favorite pair of basketball shoes or brand?

That has always been Nike. I have been playing on Kyrie’s for the last four years, and those fit perfectly and they have a nice shape.

23. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I mostly get my inspiration through social media and just by going shopping.

24. Do you have a style icon?

I do not really have a specific person in mind, but there are a lot of artists and athletes whose style I like.


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