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5 tips to survive a NYE hangover

5 tips to survive a NYE hangover

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you had a rocking NYE with loads of good music, food, friends and family around you. NYE partys often come with a major hangover the next day. If that’s the case with you today, lucky you, not that you’re hungover, but that you’re reading this article. These tips will help you get through the day a little better and recover quicker.


Re-hydration is the magic word when you’re hungover! The biggest reason you feel like crap is because of dehydration. Besides water, Isotonic drinks are very affective to re-hydrate and give you some energy. These drinks contain carbohydrates that release energy slowly throughout the day. Be aware of sport drinks that contain caffeine as they are more likely to dehydrate!

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is a great helper against nausea. Mix it with some honey and juice of an orange and lemon to give it an extra healthy kick. This mixture stabilizes blood glucose level and your stomach will probably handle this better than a sparkling soda.

Fruit juice

Fruit juices are full of vitamins and minerals, they will give you a much needed boost. Fruit juices often contain a lot of vitamin C, which is often lost by drinking alcohol.
Tomato juice, orange juice and coconut water are perfect vitamin C boosters.


After a night of drinking your body is in need of cysteine, an amino acid that will help against feeling sick after a night of too much booze. So break down those toxins with some delicious eggs. Poached, boiled, baked; it doesn’t matter, it’s all good!


Due to the fact that alcohol’s a diuretic, drinking it comes with multiple trips to the bathroom. Every time you urinate you lose some potassium so you’ll lose more of this than normal.
A lower potassium level gives you nausea, weak limbs and contributes to tiredness.
Foods with potassium are bananas, kiwis, baked potatoes, leafy greens, mushrooms and dried apricots.

Good luck!

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