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September 18, 2017
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September 18, 2017
History is made
September 18, 2017

Recently, we caught up with Jeff Hoogendijk, store-owner and DJ.

His store can be seen as a Walhalla for any age. Almost Not Done specializes in pre-owned and new items, from furniture, magazines and streetwear brands to fashion archives DVD’s. While the music was banging from the speakers, Jeffrey welcomed us and showed us around the store. The store contains items and pieces from decades ago. This time, ASAP TYY stopped by to launch his “Unknown X ASAP Tyy” collection at the store Almost Not Done.

Pictures by: Annebel Eppinga



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    After studying at London College of Fashion and working across Europe and Asia I have founded my brand in order to offer an alternative to the drastically outdated common fashion business model via improving the supply system and producing locally, having full control over the product quality.

    RAKSHAMASHA garments are designed to last and serve the customer faithfully; we use specialist fabrics with polymers and reflective elements to achieve this. We up-cycle PVC banners, nets and other plastic materials often used for promotion, construction and decoration of spaces for events. The accessories provide attachable storage space for personal items and good visibility in the dark. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our brand philosophy and permeates the design process; from the first conceptual sketches through every aspect of a garment’s lifespan. Zero Waste technology is implemented and the accessories do not require machine washing or dry cleaning.

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    Following our successful showcase at the Paris fashion week with Ozone this year we are launching an online store. Please find the look book for the new collection attached.

    There is great synergy between the refined selection of avant garde designs presented in your store and I would love for my brand to be a part of it. Please let me know when you are available for a call and what is the best way to reach you.

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