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Behind the Arc – Femke Heemskerk

Behind the Arc – Femke Heemskerk

Basketball and health are naturally intertwined. Just like with other sports, basketball will help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Because sport is such an important part of your health, there are many places where you can train to stay fit. For example, at Swim Gym in Amsterdam, where you can learn to swim better and become stronger and fitter.

We are Basket visited Swim Gym and ran into Femke Heemskerk, who is an Olympic swimming champion. Femke Heemskerk made her international swimming debut at the World Championships in 2005 in Montreal. Throughout her career, Heemskerk has won several medals, including gold at the 2008 Olympics at the 4 x 100-meter freestyle. We are Basket spoke with her about her swimming career and gives us several tips to become better at sports and life.
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