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Behind the scenes of a food truck

Behind the scenes of a food truck

The sun is coming through, bit by bit, and it makes me think of the better times ahead. Times which are going to be filled with sun, happiness, holidays, long days and all that comes with the seasons that lay ahead of us. And for me, as a foodie, summer means food festivals. And I bet I’m not alone in this.

Walking around food trucks, in the sun, with some nice bites in your hands, or mouth. Can it get any better? But food festivals make me wonder what’s it like to be one the other side of the food truck? What’s it like to prepare the food, instead of devouring it the minute you get it?

FlowYo the Yoghurt Bar

Photo: Marc de Fotograaf

I’ve asked Roy from FlowYo some questions about his beloved yoghurtbar. FlowYo the Yoghurt Bar is – as the name says – a yoghurt bar. Their ‘elements of life’ are: “to be creative and socially responsible, live healthy and have fun.” But above all: “enjoy and make life a party, because after all, we’re only here on holiday.” At the yoghurt bar you can get different kinds of yoghurt. Their yoghurts are served from the ‘yoghurtbar on wheels’, it’s an old caravan from the seventies. The yoghurts they serve are organic, and you can choose between a normal yoghurt, a vegan one, a yoghurt shake or a frozen yoghurt. After you’ve made that decision, you can choose some toppings, like fruit or nuts.

Flamm in de Kuchen

Marlon from the food truck Flamm in de Kuchen told me something about their truck. It’s one of those construction sheds, changed to a food truck. Flamm in de Kuchen sells the ‘hip’ German pizza, called Flammkuchen. It’s a thin pizza which can be topped with different toppings. This food truck is seen on many festivals, but also at company parties.

Photo: Cas Kerkwijk

Responsible snack

The yoghurt food truck was designed in 2015, but it didn’t have wheels back then. It was just a stand. In 2016 the wheels were added, which really makes it a bit more special, doesn’t it? The idea existed out of passion for the catering industry and events, and out of the need of a responsible snack. In the winter of 2014/2015, The Yoghurtbar was created. The bar, and the people working in it, have seen a lot of festivals ever since, like the Rollende Keukens in Amsterdam, or the BoomFestival in Portugal (yes, they even left the Netherlands). “These were the absolute highlights”, Roy says.


The Flammkuchen food truck belongs to a catering company call Barplanet, which has been doing mobile catering for twelve years now. After a while, they added a food truck to their offer. “We saw that food trucks became more and more popular, so we knew we wanted to do something with it. We just weren’t sure what we would do. A friend of the owner came with the idea of selling Flammkuchen.” Great idea, if you ask me.


The thing what’s so great about festivals for Roy and the FlowYo Bar is the atmosphere. “You can step out of reality for some time, and completely let yourself go. The child in you comes out, which makes for some hilarious moments. You don’t want to know what some people are willing to do for an extra topping.” Marlon agrees that the atmosphere at food festivals is great. “You get the feeling that you’re at a campsite with everyone around you.” And this truck has visited many food festivals. Rollende Keukens, Bier Oost, Bier West, you name it. “It’s too long of a list.”

Crazy moments

Roy has seen the craziest things at festivals. The most special ‘genre’ of festivals for Roy is ‘by far’ the PsyTance one. “You shouldn’t be surprised if some walks completely naked into the water. Everyone is the same and this atmosphere falls over you like a blanket immediately.” The crazy things Marlon has seen at a festival? “From totally wasted people who drop their Flammkuchen the minute after they get it, till being stuck in the mud because of the rain.” They have lived it all.


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