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Best dressed players at the NBA All Star weekends

Best dressed players at the NBA All Star weekends

The NBA All-Star weekend is coming up! The Rookie Match, Dunk contest, 3-point contest, Skills Challenge, and Celebrity game all leading up to the All-Star game. The first two days are great fun for for the NBA players and when they show up, they sure do make an appearance. Here is our top 4 best dressed NBA Stars that visited the All-star weekends.

4. Russel Westbrook.

Photo: Michelle Siu

Westbrook is wearing Visitor on Earth Distressed Skinny Jeans, available at Barneys, $400, a special edition of his Jordan Westbrook 0.2 sneakers, and a Luke Vicious denim jacket, about $275.

3. J.R. Smith 

Shooting-guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, J.R. Smith wearing a suit with an extended emerald overcoat, and a fur scarf.

2. Jimmy Butler

Photo: Instagram

Butler attended the Jordan Brand 2017 All-Star Party wearing a 1.215 dollar Stella McCartney fringed sweater, black trousers and a pair of Saint Laurent suede boots.

1. Chris Paul 

During the 2016 All-Star Weekend, Chris Paul went for a fancy look. Chris paired a sweet pair of trousers with attached braces with a Tom Ford shirt. On top of that he wore a DSquared velvet tuxedo jacket, finished off with a Maison Margiela tailored coat,  and a pair of Jordan sneakers.

So here you have it, our top 5 best dressed players visiting the NBA All Star Weekends through the years. 

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