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Best Of the Off Season

Best Of the Off Season

Though the Off Season is the perfect time to improve all things basketball for the players, it’s also the only time the players have a few weeks of. But, the off season is also more than a free agency period or vacations, it’s the time that fans can get a different look into the players lives, but the players can also see how much they’re appreciated by colleagues and fans.

Tim Duncan

It was announced that Tim Duncan would become Gregg Popovich’s assistant coach, and the fans loved it.

LeBron James

James is definitely making the most out of his NBA vacation. He’s currently shooting space jam, visits his sons’ games, and in the past few weeks he has introduced all his fans to ‘Taco Tuesday’. It became so popular that the Green Bay Packers made their own version.

Matt Barnes

It’s not really clear how it happened, but somehow Barnes managed to get kicked out as the coach of his son’s basketball team.

Carmelo Anthony

It’s not a sure thing that Carmelo Anthony will return to the NBA for a final season. But, on July 29th Damian Lillard tweeted under the hashtags #VoteForMeloFareWellSeason and #StopPlayinMelo”, and he definitely wasn’t the only one.

Klay Thompson

Thompson had some fun with the fans on his social media. Though Thompson hadn’t said a word, it was questioned whether he would resign with the Warriors. This was his answer.

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