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Best Workout to Strengthen your Abs at Home

Best Workout to Strengthen your Abs at Home

We don’t always feel like going to the gym, especially not when it’s rainy weather like on these autumn days. We selected a workout for you, which will strengthen your abs right from your living room.

Once your core starts to strengthen, the benefits will translate into both sports perfomance and daily life. A strong core will help to keep us balanced during sports and a good posture.

The routine is composed of 9 exercises which will hit your upper and lower abs and arms. Perform each exercise for one minute and take 30 seconds of rest in between exercises so you will be working out for 15 minutes.  The routine is fairly advanced, so we advise beginners to take a little bit more rest in between exercises.  Once you are a little bit more familiar with the workout and it gets easier to do it, you can repeat the workout two times, so the complete workout will last 30 minutes.

Do as many reps as possible, and try to squeeze in more reps every time you do the workout.

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