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Big3: Four Players to Watch in the Third Season

Big3: Four Players to Watch in the Third Season

The Big3, the Pro 3×3 league in the United States for former pro’s, held the draft for already their third season just a couple of days ago. To keep the playing field even, only the reigning champions get to keep their entire team together, and all other players have to enter the draft pool again.

Prior to the draft, there was an entire draft combine where all players had to impress the coaches, such as Lisa Leslie, Charles Oakley, Gary Payton and Julius Erving, to grab one of the 31 remaining spots. That wasn’t an easy task, as there were 132 players vying to get in. As you would expect, there were several names that stood out, but you should definitely keep an eye on these intriguing player in the upcoming season.

Royce White – Enemies

White was drafted into the NBA in 2012, but only managed to play three games in 2014, as he struggled with his mental health, which caused a fear of flying. Nowadays, he’s a big advocate for mental health in the NBA. During the Big3 draft, White wore a T-shirt with ‘I Flew Here’.

White was the first pick in the Big3 draft, as he definitely earned his spot during the draft combine. His teammates will be Lamar Odom, Gilbert Arenas, Perry Jones III, Craig Smith, Frank Robinson and coach Rick Mahorn.

Lamar Odom – Enemies

Odom might be the most intriguing player in the Big3 this year. His doctors called him a ‘walking miracle’, as he suffered 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks while in a coma after a drug overdose four years ago. After his overdose, Odom said he couldn’t even dribble a basketball, his equilibrium was off and he had problems with his memory.

But, just four years later, he made his re-entry in professional basketball. In the beginning of this year, Odom went to the Philippines to play for the Might Sports. He didn’t manage to make much of an impact, but it was a great start. Odom was named co-captain of the Enemies, so now it’s time for him to show what he’s worth in the Big3.

Dusan Bulut – Ball Hogs

Bulut has been part of a professional 3×3 team, Novi Sad, since 2012, and is seen as a veteran in the 3×3 world. He is the No.1 ranked 3×3 player in the world, won gold at the World Cup 4 times, was named the World Cup MVP twice, and was named the World Tour Most Spectacular Player three times in a row.

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Now, Bulut has decided to take on a new challenge and join the Big3. It will be interesting to see whether he can actually compete against the former NBA players in this league. The other players on his team are Brian Scalabrine, Josh Childress, DeShawn Stevenson, Will McDonald, Jermaine Taylor and coach Rick Barry.

Jason Terry – Trilogy

Terry played in the NBA for 19 years, finishing his career with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2018. Luckily for the fans, they didn’t have to miss him for long, as he has now joined the Big3. He has definitely made an entrance, as he was immediately named captain for Trilogy.

Terry was a great three-point shooter during his career, being 5th on the list of most made 3-point shots, so the 4-point shot in the Big3 will definitely be interesting for him. Terry will be joined by David Hawkins, James White, Carlos Arroyo, Sam Young, Patrick O’Bryant and coach Kenyon Martin.

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