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The biggest fashion trends of 2017

The biggest fashion trends of 2017

2017 has been a great year for fashion. I have seen many amazing trends, but also some that I would like to forget as soon as the clock strikes midnight. 2017 was the year of many nostalgic fashion items making their comeback, the year of logo galore and the year in which streetwear has been bigger than ever. Here I take you back to the biggest fashion trends of the year 2017.


Wherever we look, there are logos everywhere. In 2017 it became a huge thing to wear logos on top of more logos to show off which brands you were rocking. Gucci and Balenciaga were names and logos that were all over the place these last 12 months.

Ultra Normcore

Looking ‘normal’ has never been so big. We already knew it on the street of course, but now fashion brands have picked up this trend as well. Demna Gvasalia, designer at both Vetements and Balenciaga has been the forerunner when it comes to normcore.


A while ago I already wrote a story about the way sportswear became a part of fashion. A lot of retro sports brands like Kappa and Fila have made their return. 2017 was definitely the year of tracksuits and sneakers.

Bold Colours & Prints

In 2017 fashion has become way more outspoken and colorful. Not only have bold colors made their comeback, but the floral print was also a huge thing in 2017. Remember the floral Vetements dress that was so popular?

Business Casual

Suits have become a major thing over the last year, and not only for men but also for women (finally). Suits can now also be worn in a more casual way and can even be paired up with your favorite streetwear items. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this trend and love the way an oversized blazer looks matched up with my favorite pair of sneakers.


A lot of items from our childhood have made their way back to the fashion scene. Juicy Couture made its huge comeback, as well as the fanny pack and the puffer coat from the 90’s.

What has been your favorite fashion trend in 2017?

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