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Boy van Vliet: Debut as an Orange Lion

Boy van Vliet: Debut as an Orange Lion

Boy van Vliet made his debut in the Dutch National Team selection. This is his first year in the DBL, after playing for the  Dallas Baptist University. He has proven himself to be a scorer as well as a good defender and earned himself a spot with the last 14. This week, he’ll have to show he should have a place with the last 12 players on the squad of the Orange Lions for the games against Poland and Hungary.

How did you hear that you made it into the preliminary selection of the Orange Lions?

Coach Peter in Den Helder told me the news and a couple days later I received the email.

Were you surprised, or did you suspect you’d make it to the selection after you had some great games in the DBL?

I wasn’t surprised neither did I suspect/expect it. I like to control the controllable knowing that that will take me great places.

How did your teammates react? Did they see it coming?

They were excited and congratulated me when they found out.

Photo: Patrick Vischschraper

Is it extra special to be selected at this time in the qualification, with two games that have to be won? Or doesn’t it make a difference to you?

I think it is special at any time to be selected for the national team. Now that these 2 games have to be won for our country to still have a chance to make it to the World Cup makes it more interesting.

This summer, you were part of the Netherlands B. Was this your first experience playing for one of the national team selections?

I participated with the national team at the u18 European Championship in Bosnia Herzegovina in 2012. Unfortunately due to college commitment I couldn’t participate in the U20’s. Last summer’s trip with the B team in Italy was an unique experience to compare ourselves, we played very strong countries such as Italy and Germany and top tier college teams.

Have you played with any of your National team teammates before? Do you think that can work to your advantage in the qualifiers?

I played with Jito and Shane at the U18 European Championship. During the trip with the B team as mentioned above I also got to play with Jito. It is great, you know each other’s strengths a little bit already.

What does it mean to you to be able to play for the Dutch National team?

It is a great honor to do what I love and represent the country I lived in all my life besides my college years.

What do you look forward to the most?

Competing at practice with the team. The core group that has been there for previous qualifying games is considered the crème de la crème of Dutch basketball players so a great opportunity to learn and get better individually.

Is there a specific Orange Lion you think you can learn a lot from?

I like to think that I can learn from everybody, they are all there for a reason.

What do you know of the opponents this window, Poland and Hungary?

Not much yet. After our game against Zwolle this weekend, I will watch the previous games Poland has played and get to know all about them so I can help the team in any way they need me to.


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