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July 15, 2017
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July 15, 2017
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July 16, 2017

Johan Cruijff once said “Playing outside should be a subject at school”. Well, I can only agree and even more, not only at school but in our grown up daily life as well! We live in a Western world where the pressure we put on ourselves is more of a fake external pressure from people surrounding us. It’s all about the possessions we have, the work we do, social status, recognition and of course our physical appearance. Hey, and be honest, we all have little or more of this behavior in ourselves. Man, don’t get me started… the more I open my eyes and acknowledge this, the more I see I am doing the exact same thing! And even worse, in a hypocrite kind a way as well. I tell people that it doesn’t matter if you have some fat (unless of course it’s in a unhealthy kind a way) or that an Instagram ripped bikini model isn’t the standard of how we should look. But the moment I see myself in a store window, a photo shoot or socializing in a group my ego (f*ck him) is constantly aware of how I behave and look.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, thinking we can change but in my ideal world….:
We observe, but don’t judge;
We give advice, but with a subtle touch;
Look around to what you truly see,
There is more than our egos, believe me!

Back to Cruijff because we are wondering of. A few weeks ago a group of people organized a pillow fight on the Dam square in Amsterdam. A pillow fight! How cool is that! The child in me ran to the bedroom, grabbed a pillow and jumped on the bike into the city. When I arrived people where already ‘fighting‘ like crazy and the whole Dam was covered with white feathers. I observed it for a while and the first thing I noticed was that everybody, and I mean everybody, had put their egos aside and was smiling and laughing like it was snowing in April. Seeing other people enjoy, a big cliché, but at that moment I felt satisfied and happy. And after a loud, THREE, TWO, ONE! I jumped into the crowed and joined the chaos.

Bottom line…: NEVER GROW UP!


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