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Carmelo Anthony – What’s the next step

Carmelo Anthony – What’s the next step

Last week, it was reported that Carmelo Anthony would part ways with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the off season, though he opted in to the last year of his contract a couple of weeks earlier. Anthony came to the Thunder just a year earlier, as he wanted to form a new kind of ‘super team’ with Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

This didn’t work out the way the Thunder wanted, as they didn’t make it past the first round of the playoffs. On top of that, Anthony couldn’t convince, had a less important role in the team than he wanted, and had a bad shooting percentage throughout the season. Now, the Thunder have signed Paul George to another season, but are planning to get rid of Anthony to lower the amount of salaries they have to pay, as Anthony will earn $28 million this season.

So, Carmelo Anthony will have to look for another club this off season, and so far it seems like he and the Thunder have a couple of option. The first one is that they’ll trade him to a team that will keep Anthony on the roster and he also agrees with. The second option is that Anthony is traded to a team and that team immediately waives him. That way, Anthony will have the chance to explore his free agency. The last option is that the Thunder buy out Anthony’s contract and pay him the remaining sum over the course of a couple of seasons. This would mean that Anthony could also explore his free agency, and that the Thunder would reach their goal: pay less tax.

So far, it’s rumored that Anthony is interested to join two teams.

Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony has made it clear that he’s interested to join LeBron James in LA, but it’s not sure yet if they are interested in him. He is good friends with LeBron, so there is definitely a chance that the team will try to acquire him. Though Anthony is definitely past his prime in the NBA, he can be a helpful addition to the team, as they need some veterans to become a serious competitor in the league and give a helping hand to LeBron.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets were on the table last year, when the Knicks traded Anthony to the Thunder. Now, Chris Paul is busy convincing the Rockets to get Anthony. The Rockets definitely need to improve their roster if they want to have another chance to beat the Warriors in the playoffs. The question is whether Anthony can be that addition, as he no longer is the threat he once was, and now is a bit lacking on the defensive end.

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