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All About the Coach – Erik Spoelstra

All About the Coach – Erik Spoelstra

Spoelstra started his career in the NBA as a video coordinator for the Miami Hear in 1995, and he worked himself up to being an assistant coach and an advance scout. During that time, he was credited for being the guy that improved Dwyane Wade’s jumpshot.

It is interesting that Pat Riley, Spoelstra’s predecessor as head coach of the Heat, eventually chose Spoelstra as the new head coach of the team. Riley was first appointed as the head coach of the Heat in 1995, just after Spoelstra got his job as the video coordinator, but Riley wanted to bring in his own man for the position of video coordinator, which would mean that Spoelstra would lose his job. But, the Heat didn’t allow this, and Spoelstra could keep this position. And, more than ten years later, Spoelstra had proven his worth to Riley and was appointed the new head coach of the Heat.

So, Spoelstra became coach, and he immediately turned things around for the franchise. The Heat went from a horrible season, and being one of the worst teams in the league, to grabbing a playoff spot the next season. But, they did lose in the first round. Two years later, the goal was to create a team that could be championship contenders. And they tried to realize these goals by acquiring two great free agents: Lebron James and Chris Brown. Together with Dwyane Wade, they would form a great basis on the road to a championship.

Unfortunately, the team had quite a rough start to the season, and Spoelstra might even have been on the brink of being fired, but eventually the team turned things around. Spoelstra could keep his job, and the Heat made it to the playoffs. But, the Heat didn’t manage to win the Finals, and again Spoelstra’s job was on the line.

Luckily, Pat Riley refused the job and made clear he wanted Spoelstra to remain as coach. The next season, he led the Heat to another Finals appearance, and this time they did win. With this win, Spoelstra became the first Asian American head coach to win a NBA title (and a second title the year after).

Now, five years after their last championship, the Heat are currently in playoff position. Though the team has changed quite a bit, Lebron has returned to the Cavaliers, Bosh isn’t able to play, other players have taken their place, such as Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic, but one thing is the same: Dwyane Wade is part of the Heat franchise (since he returned a couple of weeks ago.

Can Spoelstra lead this team to yet again a good playoff performance?

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