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Discovering New Fashion Brands

Discovering New Fashion Brands

We’ve set up a list of 5 fashion brands with some great emerging talents. These brands are located throughout the world, they are affordable, cool and exclusive. You better get to know them before they blow up. 

Hidden Mangroves

From: Unknown
Hidden Mangroves stands for coastal trees that hold deep roots. Their vision is being in their own world, hidden beyond surface level; a separation from reality. 
Hidden Mangroves cannot be found. It is not based in any location nor is it tangible. This is because their philosophy represents an acute state of mind. A state of existence through which escapism and the ability to detach oneself from the present is achieved through recreational activity. We aim to nurture this ideology with all creatives who share a similar reasoning.

AA Spectrum

From: Beijing, China
AA Spectrum is a cross cultural collaboration. Their aim is to create a tribe, not an army. A spectrum with room for diversity. Their collections are designed in Copenhagen and Denmark and made in Beijing. They are skilled in functional wear and performance. Constant reflection, questioning and curiosity is what drives their expression.

The New Originals

From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
TNO makes performance clothing for creatives. Striving for enduring and vigor clothing that contributes an individual. Embracing art and culture in their aesthetic and design, with fresh, colorful and comfortable garments.

Operation Rally

From: Las vegas, US
Operation Rally is a brand that is elaborated in different mediums including conceptual art, film and raw aesthetics. Eclectic motifs make up the DNA of Rally while providing you with a reconnection of what you once thought was a better point in time.

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From: Los Angeles, California
Rhude is a a ready-to-wear brand that was founded in 2014. The brand mainly focuses on high end minimalistic clothing mixed with streetwear elements. 
The brand’s identity arises from the fine fabrics he uses and the focus on the fit of every piece. With each item, Rhude tries to celebrates the youth and elegance through simple and functional clothes. All products are made in the U.S.A, with the best fabrics sourced from different parts of the world


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