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Cool Tattoos In The NBA

Cool Tattoos In The NBA

It’s no surprise that most NBA players are fans of tattoos. A lot of them enter the league without them, but have a couple of them within a few years. Of course, some tattoos are amazing, while others are just complete misses. These players have some great tattoos, or a great story to go with it.

Jeremy Lamb – Dagger and Bucket

Lamb has a lot of tattoos, but the coolest ones are one both of his hands. One the left one, he has a bucket and on his right hand, his shooting hand, Lamb has a dagger. The Bucket stands for the fact that he scores a lot, which can also be called making buckets, and the dagger signifies that he’s good in making clutch shots late in the game.

Kyle Kuzma – Space Jam

Kuzma’s newest tattoo says Kuz’ secret stuff. It’s a reference to Space Jam, where Bugs Bunny shows a can that says Michael’s secret stuff.

Wilson Chandler – Juggernaut

Chandler got a huge tattoo of Juggernaut, one of the characters in the Marvel Universe, on his back.

Carmelo Anthony – WB

No, Carmelo Anthony isn’t a huge fan of Warner Bros, but his tattoo stands for West Baltimore, the place where he grew up.

Blake Griffin – City View

Griffin has one of the most minimalistic tattoos in the NBA, as it depicts two children on a tree branch looking out over the city.

LeBron James

LeBron James got this tattoo after he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2002.

J.J. Redick

Photo: US Presswire

Redick has a lot of religious tattoos. On his left arm, he has the first three verses of Psalm 40, while he now has a sleeve on his right arm. There, four evangelical symbols are depicted, that all signify a different characteristic of Christianity.





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