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Court Feeds to Follow on Instagram

Court Feeds to Follow on Instagram

For many photographers, basketball is one of their greatest inspirations and many of them travel all over the globe to capture the most amazing courts they can find. Instagram is a great platform for these photographers to share their work with the world, and we selected some of the best.

1. Hypecourts

Hypecourts is one of the greatest collectives of courts on Instagram. They mostly feature basketball courts but also highlight a lot of soccer and tennis courts. If you’re addicted to courts, this is the place to be.

Instagram: @hypecourts

2. Shafik

Scandinavian photographer, Shafik Kadi made a name for himself as an architectural photographer, but never ceases the change to capture courts while visiting a city. His drone shots are incredibly dynamic and always show symmetry.

Instagram: @shafik

3. Topb0y

Zamour J aka Topb0y is one of the top urban photographers on Instagram. His signature is very graphic and he always adds an interesting perspective to his shots. He often creates visual illusions with his drone by incorporating people as well as himself onto the lines of the courts.

Instagram: @topb0y   

4. Petraleary

Native New Zealander, Petra Leary’s Instagram feed is where basketball photography meets graphic design. Leary travels the world capturing unique courts, which she then uses to create fun graphics animations. In her work, she often plays with the shadows, colors, and structures of the courts, creating a more dynamic effect.

Instagram: @petraleary

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram @wearebasket  for more great courts and other basketball highlights!

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