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July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017

Den Helder is a city known for being a city with a lot of basketball talent and the Den Helder Suns. If you find yourself playing the hoops against the Den Helder Suns, you probably want to eat something after the game. Today, you’re going to find out what hotspots this city is known for to eat.

‘t Veerhuis Lands End

At the top of North-Holland, there is ‘t Veerhuis Lands End. At this restaurant, you can enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks, all with a view over the harbors of Den Helder, Marsdiep and the island Texel. The view is even better in summer, when you’re sitting on the terrace. They also serve high teas, high wines, and even high beers. The place to be in summer, right?

Havenplein 1, Den Helder


Stadscafé Flow

This city café, named Flow, belongs to the owners of ‘t Veerhuis Lands End. This is also a place to go for dinner and lunch, or drinks. They serve some normal dishes like burgers and steaks. Or some fish dishes and salads. They serve different cocktails to complete your night out. They have an agenda for the evenings with DJ’s or live bands and it is placed in downtown Den Helder, so you can come in after you went to the cinema or the theater.

Beatrixstraat 62, Den Helder


Nogal Wiedus

Nogal Wiedus is a place by the beach, with a view over the wad. They serve lunch and dinner, and almost everything is homemade, which you can taste. Together with a beautiful view and a sunny day, it’s a perfect combination. Their food is also organic and from the region. Some dishes they serve are carpaccio, goat cheese salad, langoustine, mixed grill and a vegetable curry (vegetarian). You can also just sit at the terrace with some drinks and some bites, after some hours at the beach, so you still have the beach view.

Zeeweg 6, Huisduinen



According to their name Leuk, which means fun, this should be a fun restaurant, and it is. You can come here for brunch, lunch, high tea and dinner. Their dishes are mostly organic and from the region. And if you’re vegetarian, you’re in the right place because they serve dishes like yellow and red beets with tomatoes and arugula, mushrooms, a salad with avocado and mushroom lasagna. Leuk! just opened in Den Helder, and they are open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Willemsoord 60a, Den Helder



If you’re in need of a good breakfast, Robuust is the place to go to. They only serve breakfast and lunch and drinks, no dinner. They’re open since 2015, so it’s a new place. What makes them special is the kitchen in the middle of the building, so you can enjoy everything that happens in the kitchen. Their dishes are fresh and healthy and they use Fairtrade products. They also have organic soda’s, beers and wines. And besides their delicious, healthy food, there interior looks great and it feels very homey.

Keizerstraat 45, Den Helder


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