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Explain the Game: Technical Fouls

Explain the Game: Technical Fouls

Technical fouls almost seem like a normal part of the games in the NBA. But, the technical foul is nothing new, or recent, as Rasheed Wallace set the record for most technical fouls in a season at 41, and Karl Malone has the record for most technical fouls in his career at 332. Now, both of these records almost seem unbreakable for present day NBA players.

Though technical fouls are often given for serious, game related, incidents, they can be quite controversial. For example, Tim Duncan once received a technical foul on the bench for laughing, Nate Robinson earned a technical foul for admitting a foul and Rasheed Wallace once received a tech (his second that game) for yelling ‘ball don’t lie’ after Goran Dragic missed a free throw. Furthermore, this season, the Warriors are leading the league in technical fouls. Draymond Green has already acquired 11 techs, Durant 10 and Curry 2. In total, they have already managed to get 28 technical fouls. But when exactly does a player get a technical foul?

The definition of a tech is: ‘a foul which does not involve physical contact during the course of play between opposing players on the court, or is a foul by a non-player. This can mean a number of things, such as a delay of game, leaving the coaching box as the coach, taking a time-out you don’t have, hanging on the rim, flopping, yelling at the referees, but can also be given out if players are fighting. The penalty for a technical foul is one free-throw plus possession of the ball for the opposing team. If a player or coach gets two techs in a game, he will be ejected. When a player reaches 16 technical fouls in the regular season or 7 in the play-offs, he gets suspended. Furthermore, contrary to basketball in European leagues, the technical foul doesn’t count towards the foul total of 6 a player is allowed to have in the NBA. They do get a fine which depends on the situation and the number of techs the player has already acquired.

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