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10 Great Facts To Get You Ready For The NBA Draft

10 Great Facts To Get You Ready For The NBA Draft

In four days’ time, it’s finally time for the 2018 NBA Draft. Then, we’ll finally know which mock draft was closest to the truth, and which players the franchises have chosen to add to their team. In the meantime, these are some great facts to prepare you for the 2018 draft.

  1. The first ever official NBA draft pick was Chuck Share, who was selected by the Boston Celtics in 1950. But, he never played an official game for the Celtics in his career.
  2. The first non-US player that was drafted was Mychal Thompson in 1978, the father of current NBA player, Klay Thompson.
  3. In 1969, the San Francisco Warriors selected Denise Long, who averaged 68.2 points in her senior year. The selection was voided.
    Larry Bird. Photo: NBC Sports
  4. Larry Bird was drafted in 1978, but he didn’t join the Celtics immediately as he wanted to play his last season at Indiana State. This caused the NBA to change the NBA draft eligibility rules, a rule known as the Bird Collegiate Rule.
  5. The NBA draft was first televised in 1980.
    Kevin Garnett. Photo:
  6. When Kevin Garnett was selected in 1995, he was the first pick out of high school since 1975 (Darryl Dawkins).
  7. Eight no.1 picks have been international players: Yao Ming, Andrew Bogut, Andrea Bargnani, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins and Ben Simmons.
  8. The 2000 NBA Draft is considered the worst draft, with a lot of horrible players drafted in the first round, while the 2003 draft is considered the best draft of the last 15 years. That year’s draft included future stars such as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.
    Andrew Bogut. Photo:
  9. Melbourne (Australia) has produced the most number one picks of all cities in the world (Simmons, Irving and Bogut).
  10. The 2018 draft will be the 79th draft in the history of the NBA (not counting the BAA years).
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