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Facts you need to know about the Boston Celtics

Facts you need to know about the Boston Celtics

NBA teams play almost every day, and though you might know everything about the players of today, or the past, you might not know all these facts about your favorite team. Today, we selected some interesting facts about one of the NBA’s oldest teams: the Boston Celtics.

  1. The Celtics are one of two franchises, the other being the NY Knicks, that haven’t moved to another city.
  2. The name of the mascot of the Celtics, Lucky the Leprechaun is chosen with regards to the large Irish population in Boston.
  3. The Celtics are the most successful franchise in the history of the NBA with 17 championships.
  4. Boston won their first championship in 1957, nine years after they were founded.
  5. Starting in 1959, the Celtics won 8 consecutive championships.
  6. The Celtics have played the Lakers in the NBA Finals 12 times, which is a record. The Celtics won most of those meetings, 9.
  7. They drafted the first African American player in the NBA, Chuck Cooper.
  8. The Celtics have had 16 different owners/owner combinations, since they were founded.
  9. The TD Garden is the fourth arena for the Celtics. Before the Garden, they played in the Boston Arena, Boston Garden and the Hartford Civic Center.
  10. Red Auerbach was the General Manager of the Celtics for 33 years (1951-1984).
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