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Facts You Need to Know about the Chicago Bulls

Facts You Need to Know about the Chicago Bulls

NBA teams play almost every day, and though you might know everything about the players of today, or the past, you might not know all these facts about your favorite team. Today, we selected some interesting facts about a team with a lot of history in the NBA: the Chicago Bulls.

  1. The Bulls were founded in 1966, as the third NBA franchise in Chicago, after the Stags and the Packers-Zephyrs.
  2. In their first season, the Bulls managed to reach the playoffs, and they’re the only team to ever do so.
  3. In 1992,  the Bulls and the Blackhawks (NHL) made it to the finals, NBA and Stanley Cup. The Bulls became champion, but the Blackhawks lost the Finals.
  4. The Bulls were the first team to win more than 70 games in a season.
  5. Steve Kerr was part of the Bulls team as a player when they won 72 games in a single season and set the record, but he was the coach of the Golden State Warriors when they broke that record.
  6. The Bulls have had two NO.1 picks, Derrick Rose and Elton Brand.
  7. Derrick Rose is also one of the two MVP’s of the Bulls, together with five time MVP Michael Jordan.
  8. The Bulls have won six titels in two three-peats, and Jordan and Scottie Pippen were the only players to be on the team for all titles.
  9. They have never lost a Finals, but they’ve also never reached one before 1991 and after 1998.
  10. The logo of the Bulls is designed to have blood on the horns.

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