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Fashion Influencers


A.k.a Djadik on Instagram. Lives in Lelystad at the moment, is 17 years old and studies fashion and design. Jeroa has always had a eye for fashion and has always been making photos of his outfits. In 2015 he officially started a “fashiongram”.

It started in November 2015 when someone put me in a groep-chat that was all about fashion. I started to meet other people that did the same thing I did and my network started to grow very fast.

People that inspire me? I have four people that come to mind. There Instagram accounts are called Mogimike, Ahun.e, Chiveskella and Huecst_. there style is so clean, what they do a lot is where just one designer piece and the rest of there clothing comes from a H&M or something in that genre. So they show the world that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.

My favorite designer is Raf Simons, for me he is the big deal. He always finds a way to inspire me and I look up to him in a great matter, And it isn’t even only the clothing but the way he sets up a runway is amazing. My ultimate dream is to become a Creative Designer of my own brand. I want to bring High end Fashion to a price that is payable for everyone. So everyone has the choice to wear what the think is cool. 

My motto is “Always appreciate the little things in life”. I see that in this generation where I grew up in everything always has to have a price, and how higher how better it is. If you want to be popular you have to have expensive stuff. People aren’t happy with what they got anymore and I would like to bring that back.

The best thing that I got to do doing this is working together with other brands and stretching out my network. Doing this I have met tons of people and the thing is we actually help each other out. Sometimes we go out for a whole day just to a random city and take a camera, have a wonderful time and make a few shots that we can post. On that way we all help each-other out growing on Instagram. Thats the thing I enjoy the most.

If someone would want to start up a page like mine I would advise them to stay true to themselves. At the end if you want people to recognize you that’s how you have to do that. Don’t go and take pictures with only Off-White or Gosha for example. You have to find your own twist to it. That is what will make you special and I think when your page starts to get serious that you would appreciate yourself more for doing it your own way.

What makes me different then the rest? That is a good question. I would not know how to answer  that. I think that a lot of people are trying to do this on Instagram and a lot of people meet up with each other to go make pictures, a lot of the times it is just for the pictures and that is all. I like to bond with someone before going to work, I like to enjoy the whole process of the happening at that moment. Just have fun together and have a good time. I think a lot of people alway forget to have fun. For example when I am out a whole day with someone for the Gram, I am dancing the whole time, just spreading joy and having fun.


Nigelnickk is the name to look up on Instagram if you want to see some great stuff. Nigel is 21 years Old, born and raised in Amsterdam and has a American/Surinam background. At the moment Nigel stil goes to school and works on the side when he is not working on his Instagram.

I started all of this when I was about 18/19 years old, I saw a lot of accounts doing the same thing so I decided to go with the flow because I love fashion and thought I could make something good out of it. Around that time there was also this groepchat on whatsapp that existed and they asked me if I wanted to join it. In that chat where a lot of people that where doing the same thing and we helped each other out by going “shooting” together and mentioning each other in posts. But it was also nice that because of that chat I met a lot of new friends.

At the moment I don’t look up to anyone specific except my girlfriend because she is always telling me to stay positive and that I can achieve everything I set my mind to.

This might sound a bit cliche but my favorite designer is Virgil Abloh. I call this cliche because I know that a lot of other people would give you the same answer because people see it as a “hypebeast” brand. I have followed Virgil sinds pretty much the start of Off-White. I am a big fan because of his passion for streetwear and the way he shows that. I can agree that his stuff sometimes is a bit overpriced, but as person and designer i find him to be very “dope”.

My motto? I think I would say that Life doesn’t go in a straight line, To achieve your goals you can take all kind of roads. The thing that is important is to make sure to achieve your goals no matter what road you have to take. My dreams for now are to have a steady secure life and maybe with my own brand, that would be very nice.

The best thing what I have experienced doing this is meeting all these beautiful people and friends. Getting free stuff is always fun of course, but having the chance to make new friends and doing that is always the best thing.

If I had to give someone advice who wanted to start up a Instagram like I do then I would tell them to stay themselves, do not try to be anyone else. Everyone is special in there own way and don’t forget that when people say negative stuff. Those people will always exist. What makes me different is that I do stay myself. Even though the main thing to say when you have to give someone advice is that you have to stay yourself, people hardly never do. I am always open and fair to everyone and try to make the world a better place everywhere I go.


Known by his instagram account that goes by the name pimvansande comes from Roosendaal. Over there no one is spending there time doing anything about fashion. So everywhere were pin step foot people wore always looking at him like he was weird.

Pim started doing instagram about three years ago. That was in the time that people just started doing fashion posts. He then saw a opportunity to get a lot more followers by doing what he likes. He loves to show people a other way how you can wear clothing. Not everything has to be jeans and shirts, that is boring!

Someone I really look up to is Virgil Abloh, I am trying to create my own brand and the way i see it is that Virgil found something so easy, and turned it into something so beautiful. He has the ability to make something recognizable. My best experience doing this is getting to work with other brands like Balr, Daniel Wellington, Other UK and JD sports. But working together with Virgil would be insane.

If I was to give someone advice that wanted to start up a page on instagram about fashion I would tell them to “be you, and don’t let other people doubt how you feel about certain looks”. Don’t go in with the thought that it is easy. it is hard work, you have to be consistent, you have to make a lot of pictures and maybe even post three times a day.


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