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Our Favorite Looks From Pre-Fall 2018 Shows

Our Favorite Looks From Pre-Fall 2018 Shows

We have barely even started the new year, but fashion is always a step ahead. The showcases for the designer Pre-Fall 2018 collections just came to an end and we are already excited about the season. Like last Fall, the collections are very colorful and continue with some of our favorite trends from last year, from miniature bags to logomania. Here we selected our favorite looks for Pre-Fall 2018.


Where even to begin with Gucci, the prints the accessories the location, everything was extravagant, but of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less. The collection consisted of a total of 82 looks that all perfectly reflected Alessandro Michele’s street-glam attitude, from the tracksuits to the varsity cardigans to the chiffon evening dresses. Despite all of the different fabrics, textures, colors, patterns, and silhouettes, the collection was still very cohesive and polished and of course, the GG logo wasn’t missing.


Donatella Versace has absolutely no intention of letting go logo mania anytime too soon. The collection was plastered with “Versace”, from the garments to the coats to the knee-high boots and other accessories. The color palette for the collection was actually very summery with colors like baby pinks, blues, and yellows. The garments, however, consisted of classic autumnal silhouettes and tailoring. There was also a very wide selection of different coats from puffer coats to rain and more tailored long line coats.

Phillip Lim

Layered deconstruction seemed to be the main theme in Phillip Lim’s latest collection. The collection was inspired by utilitarian details found in sailor’s uniforms. This created an interesting contrast between hard and soft materials such as the deconstructed knits layered on top of the structured, asymmetric, black undergarments varying from trousers to skirts and dresses. Fisherman’s sweaters have been trending on the runway for a couple of seasons now, but Lim definitely added his own personal touche to the trend.


The brands first female creative chief, Waight Keller really let her personal vision shine through this collection. The collection was shot in in a private home in Kent, south of London, creating a domestic environment in which the garments really came to their right. The collection’s key statement pieces consist of faux fur, shearling and various pleated skirts and dresses. A few trends like the statement cross-body bags, oversized elements, and embroidered sweaters also appeared in the collection.

Versus Versace

Versus Versace is currently pretty much run by millennials under the watchful eye of Donatella Versace, resulting in a very street, urban and fun collection. Sustainability has become a really important factor for the brand, which is reflected by this latest collection. The garments are made up of a cut and paste technique, build from leftover fabrics found in the Versace archives. The collection also reaches for a new, younger generation of customers for which comfort and ease of movement are paramount, as is a fresh, sexy, take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

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