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Our favorite looks from the Resort 2018 shows

Our favorite looks from the Resort 2018 shows

November was another month full of fashion inspiration, with multiple designer brands presenting their resort collections for 2018. Even though we are just getting used to the cold and are nowhere near ready to give up our favorite Autumn/Winter trends, fashion never sleeps and is always a step ahead. These are our favorite resort looks for 2018.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu seems to have taken a page out of Rihanna’s handbook when it comes to racer inspired fashion. Rihanna, however, is known for her extremely oversized silhouettes, as where Miu Miu’s racer collection was all about accentuating the waste and female shape. The collection was full of jumpsuits, perhaps the most out of all the shows, with a centered waste, whether it was with a belt, a coat tight around it or a fanny pack. But what really separated Miu Miu from other collections were the embellishments and patch works covering the garments.

Off White

These boots are made for walking. Just one of the many captions that appeared in Off White’s resort wear collection. Virgil Abloh appropriately named the collection “Wilderness” given the scene was set in a forest. The collection had an interesting mixture of fabrics, from structured suede jackets to satin loose-fitted trousers and blouses and even lace accents. Almost every garment had a small subtle caption varying from the brand’s name to phrases that reflect our day to day activities.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang always knows how to bring an edge to his designs, frilled edges in this case. The frilled, tweed jackets were the crowd pleaser of the collection and gave it a DIY vibe without losing its sophistication. Other than that, it was the hybrids and contrasting fabrics that got people’s attention, From the half denim, half leather skirt to the hard and soft evening gowns.


Francisco Risso, creative director of the brand, stated this collection was a reflection of his passion for horror movies. “Horror movies are about extreme love. They’re about romantic gestures of dramatic, excessive proportions. Like when an impossible love affair ignites a state of monstrous madness.” Well, the excessive proportions are definitely visible in the collection, from the extremely wide trousers to the massive collars and ruffled details. The use of colors like oxblood red and dark browns also reflect the darkness that can come with love.

Isabel Marant

As far as i’m concerned, you can never go wrong with a full denim look. Isabel Marant’s version of the denim co-ord is one of the most flattering ones that has been showcased this season, with its Parisian vibe that brings wearable fashion above the usual standard. The collection all together was cool, confident and fresh, but of course we wouldn’t expect anything less from her.

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