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July 15, 2017
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July 16, 2017

When thinking of rap music, most people will argue it is not the most women friendly music style. People always think of the music videos in which women are portrayed as objects with a guy spitting lyrics to support this image. Not a lot of women mingle in this scene, out of feministic points of view.

In the South Korean pop culture, Kpop, it is slightly different. Their pop culture consists of music groups, usually with one main rapper. Also in the girl groups, there is mostly one rapper. Some female rappers even go solo. Females rapping. With massive groups of fans. Definitely something different.

Check out some dope examples below:


One of the few who is well-known by people who know nothing about Kpop. CL is breaking into charts, far outside of South Korea and has an English album coming up.


Heize got her big break in the scene when she took part in a variety show called ‘Pretty Rapstar 2’. She got signed right before competing in the show. Even though she is not part of any group, she does quite some collabs.


LE is currently part of the girl group EXID. Before becoming the rapper of EXID in 2012, she was part of an underground rap group called ‘Jiggy Fellaz’.


Debuted her first solo album at the beginning of 2016. Yezi is part of the group Fiestar. She was also part of the ‘Pretty Rapstar 2’ show, which gave her career a big boost.


Miryo is currently part of the girl group ‘Brown Eyed Girls’. Starting her career in music in 1999, she has been in the game for quite a while. Miryo released her latest solo album in 2015, called ‘Queen’.

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