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Fifty one basketball court photographs

Fifty one basketball court photographs

‘Simplicity of a game that could be played even with just a metal hoop attached to a tree’ is Chris Tubbs’s vision of the series that happened to be created during his journey through Cuba. During his walk through Havana, Chris passed an abandoned sports stadium and a crumbling basketball court caught his attention. It brought back forgotten memories from his childhood.

‘Fifty one basketball court photographs’ is a book created by most accidentally encountered basketball fields in unusual and unexpected places. Chris visited more than 40 countries and made more than 400 photos to develop the series and took over 15 years. He says that he developed a nose to find the courses. Often the hoops were homemade by well-meaning parents in the most inappropriate places to play.

Chiang Mai, Thailand & Whistler, Canada
Havana, Cuba & Athens, Greece



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