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Fortnite Season 3, what’s new?

Fortnite Season 3, what’s new?

The Battle Pass for season 3 has been released for 2 weeks now, we’re going to break down what is new and how the game has changed.

How do I get a Battle Pass and how does it work? 

To get a Battle Pass you will have to purchase V-bucks, an in-game currency. For 10 euro’s you can buy a Battle Pass which costs 950 V-bucks. 

When purchased, there are 100 tiers and with every tier comes a reward, you can level up through these tiers through solely playing the game and completing weekly challenges. Or if you’re lazy you can unlock one tier with 150 V-Bucks. Depending on how you play, reaching Tier 100 takes about 75 to 150 hours of playing time. 

What’s new for Battle pass holders? 

There are multiple new features to the game such as new emotes, dances, skins, emblems and loading screens. 

With 6 new skins you can customise your character more to your liking. Furthermore,in this way, you can set yourself apart from the rest. 

The emotions and dance moves allow you to express yourself on the battlefield, annoy or amuse other players and bring some extra characteristics to your game. 

But to unlock all these thing you must play your way through the Tiers and the major thing is: all Battle pass features are non-profitable in combat, so you can not get an edge in the game on other players who do not have the Battle pass. 

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What’s new for all players? 

With the Battle pass there is also an update for all players, in this new update came a new part on the map named “Lucky Landing” a small Chinese town. 

Fortnite also introduces all the players to the Hunting Rifle a medium- long range weapon, it does a decent amount of damage and comes in the rarity of green and blue. 

Fortnite also showed a teaser with a Jetpack in it but it has been stalled because Epic Games found a design flaw in the jetpack. Anyhow, the jetpack will shortly be introduced to the game as a legendary item so it will not be easy to obtain. 

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