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Four great Basketball Illustrators on Instagram

Four great Basketball Illustrators on Instagram

For many artists, basketball is one of their greatest inspirations and is always featured in their work, whether it’s a design for a court, a portrait of a player or a funny comic portraying current events in the NBA. Instagram is a great platform for these artists to share their work with the world, and we selected some of the best.

1. Arturo Torres (@arturodraws)

Arturo Torres is one of the most successful illustrators on the list. After illustrating the NY Times bestseller “The Rap Yearbook”, Torres went on to illustrate a second book titled “Basketball and other things”, a book about all things basketball and answers to some of the games questions. The book was another great hit and led to Torres being discovered by Nike, who then asked him to design the Nike hyper courts, located in the Philippines.


2. Ryan Simpson (@rtsimp)

Ryan Simpson is an illustrator from Charlotte, North Carolina who specializes in NBA portraits. His images have a very nostalgic vibe to them and are a perfect example of balancing realism and characterism.


3. Pete (@floppyaction)

Floppy basketball is a common play in the NBA. They begin with one of your best shooters under the basket, while the other players set a double screen on one side of the lane and a single screen on the other. The shooter now has the option to come out either side to start the play. Hence the name @floppyaction. One of the things that set Pete apart from other illustrators is his incredible use of color and his mastery of various drawing styles. He’s a true chameleon when it comes to different types of illustrating and this variety keeps his feed really interesting.


4. Jack Perkins (@purehoop)

If you’re in for a laugh, @purehoop is definitely the feed for you. Illustrator Jack Perkins is famous for his comedic portrayals of NBA events. He often mocks players in a fun-loving way and over-exaggerates the latest news in the basketball world.


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