Franca: Chaos and Creation, The women behind Vogue Italia

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October 7, 2017
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October 8, 2017

Franca Sozzani was one of the most influential editors Vogue has ever had. For twenty-eight years she was editor and chief of Vogue Italia, creating some of their most iconic issues with her endless creativity, guts and controversial concepts and photography. Sadly she died at the young age of sixty-six due to a rare form of lung cancer.

Franca: Chaos and Creation is a documentary created by Francesco Carrozzini, revolving around his mother Franca Sozzani, editor and chief of Vogue Italia. The documentary took six years to make and focuses on her massive influence on fashion editorials, but also the relation between mother and son. Whilst first discussing possibly creating the documentary, Franca asked who was gonna play her part?. To which Francesco responded "you will be playing Franca, because who can bring the story of nearly thirty years as editor to life better then the women herself".


Franca received the position of editor and chief of Vogue Italia in 1988 and almost immediately started a fashion revolution. Creating some of the most conventional magazine covers and fashion spreads of the time. She created a mixture of fashion, high concept art and photography, by also touching on controversial subjects that were uncommon for the magazine.

 "This is a choice I made 26 years ago when I joined the magazine. Vogue was in Italian but I wanted to speak to everyone so I thought of creating images that were made to talk" - Franca Sozzani

Francesco paints a beautiful portrait of his mother by interviewing some of her closest friends and buisnes partners like: Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce Weber, Courtney Love and many others. The Documentary is now featured on Netflix, so make sure to check it out.

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