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Funniest Nicknames in the NBA

Funniest Nicknames in the NBA

Some nicknames, you seem to come across every day, or at least every game you watch. The King, Black Mamba, the Greek Freak, the Process, Boogie, or just simple ones like KD, Melo, CP3, MKG, IT, KAT and so one. But, other, less known nicknames, are just too funny to overlook. We’ve selected some of the funniest, or weirdest nicknames for players that are currently playing in the NBA.

Nik Stauskas – Sauce Castillo

Photo: Sacramento Kings

Stauskas, now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, first got this nickname when he was still playing for the Sacramento Kings. In a closed-caption, Stauskas was called Sauce Castillo instead of his actual name. A fan saw it pass by and shared it on Twitter, and Stauskas decided to embrace his new nickname, rather than fight it.

Andre Drummond – Big Penguin

Drummond has said that his favorite animal is a penguin, and he even went as far as embracing his nickname by starring in a video with a penguin costume on.

Matthew Dellavedova –  Outback Jesus

Photo: Reddit

The origin of this nickname is actually quite obvious: Delly is from Australia, aka the Outback and he has a Jesus like hair and a beard to go with it.

T.J. McConnell – White Iverson

Back in November, the Sixers played the song ‘White Iverson’ by Post Malone, whenever McConnell scored. A fan even added the nickname to McConnell’s Wikipedia after the game. McConnell himself got in on the nickname and got a jersey with ‘White Iverson’ on the back.

Andrew Wiggins – Maple Jordan

photo: Brad Rempel – USA TODAY Sports

At the start of his career, Wiggins was called Maple Jordan, as he was a no.1 pick and was very athletic. Some people thought he might even could be compared to MJ.

Draymond Green – Dancing Bear

Photo: USA TODAY Sports

Green was nicknamed the Dancing Bear back in his college days, which referred to his size, quick feet and his attitude.

Caris LeVert – Baby Durant

Photo: Nicole Sweet – USA TODAY Sports

LeVert also got his nickname back in college, and it was kind of fitting, as Durant also offered him encouragement when LeVert fractured his foot.

C.J. Miles – C.J. Kilometers

Photo: Dan Hamilton – USA TODAY Sports

This nickname is quite obvious, but it’s still funny. After C.J signed a contract with the Raptors over the Summer, he earned this nickname. Of course, the Raptors are a Canadian team and have a different metric system than the USA.

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