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GOAT clean sneaker service

GOAT clean sneaker service

Easier on your wallet, better for the planet and fresh on your feet. We had to share the GOAT clean service with you. GOAT cleans and sells your worn shoes for you.

With this concept, sneakerheads can sell their old sneakers in the best condition possible and give them a second life. Thanks to GOAT who will clean, photograph and sell them for you. For sneakers with a sale price of $350 or lower, your commission fee will be 30%. On everything above you will receive 25%.

GOAT wants to be fully transparant towards the customer. So they developed a grading system, which communicates the overal condition. Each part of the shoe gets a grade and is provided with hi-resolution photos which show every single detail of the sneaker.

Even though The GOAT clean service is still very new and unique, they already offer more than 100 different styles. The goal of the service is to give a positive view on used shoes, normally buying second-hand shoes online is a big gamble, because you will have to trust that what you are buying is in good condition and authentic. With the grading system, professional cleaning and authentication of GOAT clean service, they bring trust and transparency to the vintage sneaker market.

About the cleaning process, this happens with much care. First, they scrub your shoes, so they look spotless. Next up is rinsing the laces, washing the insoles, removing lint from the inner lining and smoothing the creases. Underneath the roadmap of how the cleaning process works

Scrubbing the shoe

First, they scrub every inch of the sneakers so they come out spotless and looking like new.

Photo: GOAT

Rinsing the laces

They will take out the laces and rinse them in their secret solution.

Photo: GOAT

Washing insoles

The insoles get washed and scrubbed to ensure they will look and feel fresh.

Photo: GOAT

Removing lint

Lint will be removed from the inner lining.

Photo: GOAT

Smoothing creases

Last but not least, the professional cleaning team will smooth out creases to make the sneakers look like new.

Photo: GOAT

The Grading System

Like New: Minimal to no signs of wear.
Excellent: Slight wear on tread with minimal creasing.
Very Good: Gentle wear with some creasing, scratches, and/or slight discoloration.
Good: Moderate wear with visible creasing, scuffing, and/or discoloration.
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