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October 16, 2017
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 At only twenty-five years old Gunner Stahl is considered to be the most trusted photographer inside hiphop culture. Like a fly on the wall he captures the realest behind the scenes images, from studio sessions to the back stage dressing rooms and rappers in their everyday life.


Gunner first picked up a camera when he was eighteen years old. He started out by capturing the streets of his homecity Atlanta, where he grew up in the middle of the hiphop scene. As he explored the city further and further, he came in touche with the local artist and befriended them. Sooner rather than later he gained complete access to studio's and concerts to capture intimate and never-seen-before moments with artists.


You can't get more unfiltered than a un-staged film photo. It's like shooting a gun in the dark, cause you don't know what your picture is gonna look like. If you're in the moment you might as well capture it - Gunner Stahl


As he gained more attention in the urban scene, Gunner went from taking pictures of small local artist to photographing some of the most influential hiphop artist of today. Now at the young age of twenty-five, his portfolio contains artist like, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, The Weeknd and Young Thug.

Gunner is most famous for his ability to effortlessly portray celebrities as their most organic, authentic self, completely in the moment, redefining the journalistic term of candid camera. It is this extraordinary skill that gives the fans a chance to see their favorite artist in a completely new way, like they have never been seen before.


Being as big as he is in the urban scene, Gunner's work didn't stay unnoticed amongst fashion brands. For their latest Autumn/Winter collection, PUMA asked Stahl to help expand their sportstyle portfolio by creating and photographing a capsule collection of headwear. Therefor he created five headwear styles inspired by the people closests to him. The first collection drop, named "For You Mom" was inspired by his mother who recently passed away due to breast cancer. He designed the Beanie and Cap in Prism Pink to help raise awareness for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The second drop named "The Fall Pack" consists of the remaining 4 colors inspired by his friends. There is a style for everyone, whether you are preforming, a OG classic or more of a casual streetwear type.

this is more than clothing, fashion or hype!. This collaboration gives me the opportunity to give back to breast cancer and honor my mother, which means the most to me


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