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Health routine of Lebron James

Health routine of Lebron James

Ever wondered what the health routine of basketball legend Lebron James looks like and how you can be as fit as he is? 

The legend does quit some things to stay fit al year and improve his strength, flexibility, movements, basketball skills and health. Training like an athlete takes a lot of motivation, dedication and consistency. 

Lebron really takes his health to the next level! To improve his body he uses a cryo chamber, drinks electrolyte-rich drinks, receives electrostimulations, wears therapy boots on the way to the arena to increase blood circulation, gets massages 3 to 4 times a week and even wears compression sleeves and tights on flights to keep his blood flowing. The list goes on and on!

Besides all this you can find Lebron training like a beast about 5 days a week in the off-season and 7 days a week during the season.

To improve himself on every level and make sure every muscle is being trained he mixes gym workouts with classes like pilates and spinning. He drinks supplemental shakes 45 minutes after every workout. This way he provides his muscles with extra protein and the necessary carbohydrates to recover quickly. 

Eating healthy is also a big aspect of his healthy routine. He reduces sugar and alcohol consumption, eats loads of lean proteins like chicken breasts (without skin of course!), nuts, eggs and beans. 

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His plates also consist loads of fiber-rich veggies and fruits and not to forget whole-wheat products like pasta and rice.

So if you want to be as fit as legendary Lebron you know what to do now!

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