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HOPE – A new standard

HOPE – A new standard

Scandinavian brands are currently taking over the fashion industry with their laid-back, minimal, yet sophisticated style. One brand that is starting to raise more and more attention is HOPE Stockholm.

HOPE is a Swedish fashion label founded in 2001, by designer duo Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg. They were both passionate about well-made utility wear and decided to present a small collection as a test. This raised a very positive response and since launching their first women collection back in 2002, the brand has expanded to having ten HOPE shops and selling their collections over 260 exclusive retailers.

In the beginning Hope mainly focussed on Outerwear, Trousers, and Accessories. As the brand kept growing the assortment range expanded. Today HOPE has a full range of women’s as well as a men’s collection.

Photos: HOPE

“Our mission centers on an offering of well-made fashion design and communication. We value true product engagement and a consistent style. We grow by making our products inspire and support the individual consumer. The makers of HOPE are the foundation. We, therefore, enclose our workspace environment in our mission and care for individual growth and well-being”

In September 2016 Hope released CHANGES, a unisex capsule collection. This is a response to the current society in which people have a new outlook on identity and gender fluidity. People don’t just shop in the conventional gender departments anymore. Women often love the fit of a men’s trousers and men sometimes prefer a knitted jumper from the women’s section. The founders of HOPE finds this phenomenon very liberating and thinks it should be encouraged.

Photo: HOPE

Unlike a lot of other unisex brands, HOPE still presents their men’s and women’s collection separately, because even though they want to stimulate diversity, they have nothing against genders and male and female bodies are often very different and in some cases require different cutting techniques. To make everything easy for both parties, Hope marks both the men’s and the converted women’s size into the garment and the other way around. For instance, a women’s garment shows size 36 on the left and the converted men’s size 46 on the right. This method of sizing makes the brand very unique and practical. 

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