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May 20, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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June 7, 2017

I guess everyone has at least once read a list of hotspots in cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but do you know where to eat or drink when you’re in Dordrecht? If not, keep reading. If you do, keep reading too, you mind find some nice new places to go.

NO.38 City Bakery Café

Are you rushing in the morning and don’t you have time to make breakfast? Or do you just want to have your breakfast elsewhere than in your own kitchen? NO.38 City Bakery Café is the place for your breakfast. You can go there for breakfast with eggs, or some yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit. Too late for breakfast? No worries, they also serve lunch or coffee with pie. You can even go there for some wine in the late afternoon.

Nieuwstraat 38, Dordrecht


Heer & Meester

If you’re into vegan and bio and you love coffee, Heer & Meester is just the place for you. They have bio coffees and even fresh ice cream. Coffee is their specialty, but they also have sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches and flammkuchen. And if you love this place so much you don’t want to leave; you can stay the night at their Bed & Breakfast.

Voorstraat 489, Dordrecht



Smooth is a new, photogenic lunchroom in the Voorstraat. You can go there for a coffee (with a macaron), breakfast or lunch. If you’re in for breakfast or lunch you can go for the yoghurt or for special sandwiches. They have a sandwich with peanut butter, arugula, cucumber and sambal, and one with harissa hummus, avocado and feta cheese, and many more. Smooth also serves different smoothies which can be put into a bowl and topped off with fresh fruit, coconut flakes and granola. Another pro about this place: you can make great photos for your Instagram feed.

Voorstraat 349, Dordrecht



With the summer ahead, it is always time for some ice cream. This is not just a normal ice cream shop where you buy some ice cream and leave. This shop is furnished for a longer stay. It invites you to stay a little longer and enjoy your ice cream. They even sell gluten free ice cream. And besides ice cream, they also serve lunch, like grilled cheese sandwiches.

Spuiboulevard 3, Dordrecht


Villa Augustus

This restaurant is in the middle of a (vegetable) garden. The vegetables and fruits from the garden are used in the kitchen of the restaurant. Fresh vegetables guaranteed! You can go to Villa Augustus for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s open all day, seven days a week. The menu can change every two months, according to the seasons. Villa Augustus also has a market, so you can even take home some of the fruit.

Oranjelaan 7, Dordrecht


Huis Roodenburgh

For the interior lovers here, Huis Roodenburgh is the place to go. Just like Smooth, very photogenic and will make for great photos. The restaurant is very Art-Nouveau and looks out on the city garden. Huis Roodenburgh is there for your coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner dishes they serve are, for example, Indian curry and eggplant with tomatoes, mozzarella, basilica and parmesan.  Not in for lunch or dinner? Go for the afternoon tea, with real tea and sweet delights from their own pastry shop.

Wijnstraat 153, Dordrecht


Brut Burger Bar

Brut Burger Bar is there for all your burger cravings. They are creative and serve burgers like the Thai Beef Teriyaki, with Black Angus meat, Roman salad, onion, bean sprouts, sweet sour cucumbers, grilled red paprika, Teriyaki mayo, prawn crackers and baked red pepper. They don’t serve just burgers, there are also some steaks. And for the drink to go with your burgers you can choose between different gin tonics.

Groenmarkt 113, Dordrecht


Bistro Twee33

For the ones amongst us who love the French kitchen, there is Bistro Twee33. The menu of this restaurant is filled with French dishes like guinea fowl, sea bream, or steak tartare. The French restaurant is also the place to go for a glass of wine and some appetizers. And if you want to taste some wines, you can always choose to go for the high wine with some of your friends.

Wijnstraat 233, Dordrecht



This kitchen is very different from the one mentioned above, but good nonetheless. Ammos is a Greek Mediterranean restaurant on the Groenmarkt. Some dishes they serve are feta, tzatziki, carpaccio, calamari (appetizers) and moussaka, paidakia, and gyros (main course). The food can be accompanied by one of the many wines on their menu and if you can’t get enough, there is always the option of the wine tasting, which they organize.

Groenmarkt 82-84-86, Dordrecht


Restaurant Post

On the Johan de Wittstraat we find Restaurant Post, a restaurant with an extensive menu. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch afternoon tea, dinner and even take away. You could go for the oysters as an appetizer, or a bruschetta. For the main course, there are a lot of pizza’s and pasta’s and more. The restaurant is in a former post office and established by two chefs from Dordrecht. Their team is filled with passionate chefs and their ingredients are from, amongst others, Italy. 

Johan de Wittstraat 128, Dordrecht


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