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Icons of style: T-shirt

Icons of style: T-shirt

The knowledge, expertise and obsessions of Alex Synamatix, Addam ‘Suffocake’ Scotland and Chris Benfield formed the book: Icons of style: T-shirt.

The 50 most iconic T-shirts that had an impact on the style of that moment. Bundled in chronological order from the simple white T-shirt to the Commes des FUCKDOWN T-shirt from 2012.

The standard white T-shirt has been worn for more than 100 years. It is one of our favourites. Preferably with a popping logo in combination with jeans and a good pair of sneakers. For the selection of the book, many shirts have fallen and a lot of T-shirts will be missed. But only because of this will get you the 50 most iconic T-shirts. We are a fan of the book and become greedy to hang them all 50 in our closet.

All 50 T-shirts are described extensively with the designer’s idea behind the design, when it is released and the personal opinion about the T-shirt of the writers. By some classics were enchanted by the story behind the T sh

The book belongs to a series of 3 books. Icons of style: T-shirt, Sneakers and Denim. By Daily Street.

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