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September 22, 2017
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Besides his outspoken appearance, nothing describes Feurich better then being a modest presence in a classic way. His main focus is to be his own creative inspiration and to learn and achieve more.


Hi, who are you?

Hello. My name is Denzel Feurich, I’m a DJ and freelance model to keep it concise and I'm from Rotterdam.

How long have you been keeping yourself busy with music?

About six years now.

Where did the passion for music come from?

I used to collect fanatic music. Mainly House and R&B. Later, I looked deeper into other genres and I always tried to find new artists and sounds.

How did you get the name Yung Feurich?

Feurich is my last name, Yung as in young / fresh / new. 1 +1 = 2.

What do you study or did you study?

Nothing at the moment.

And then you suddenly flew to Bali. How did you experience that?

Yes, quite crazy. Indonesia was beautiful. I enjoyed of the ambiance and the people.

If you are going to make music, how does it work?

That usually happens super spontaneous. Sometimes you also vibe in a certain flow, and from there it seems to be self-evident. That's chill. At the moment, I'm not completely into it, but I'm trying to catch that flow again.

Can you tell me in what kind of genre you characterize yourself?


From which moment do you have the assurance that the idea you've made up in your mind must be carried out to a mix?

If it lasts for several days and I can’t get rid of it


And if there's an idea that pops up into your mind, what is usually the inspiration or trigger?

Usually a image or a sound. Something I’ve recently seen or heard.

You’ve been able to perform a couple of times, how do you prepare yourself for a performance?

I don’t really have a special routine, but I always do a short record box session before my sets, just to get in the vibe.

Which locations would appeal to you for a performance?

The School (Amsterdam), Sexyland (Amsterdam), The Nest (London), Lowlands (Amsterdam), on a grizzled rave somewhere in Eastern Europe and somewhere in the States. Yep, that would be cool.

What do you like to do besides being a creative genius with the spinnings?

Biking, reading, going to the movies, save as much information as possible, enjoy music a lot and keep an eye on the fashion industry.

You’ve got a very outspoken appearance. It gives a clear vision of who you are. Do you put a lot of effort into the way you look?

Yes and no. One day I can spend hours on just one look, the other day I’m on autopilot and within a few minutes you could catch me outside. How about that? It just depends on my mood.

What are your favorite fashion brands?

Henrik Vibskov, Yohji Yamamoto, Neighborhood, John Lawrence Sullivan, Undercover.

Recently u were modeling for a project that was published in Indie Magazine, could you tell me more about this?

Yes. The subject was about how [dark] men should behave in 2017. This was split over 3 people, of which I was one. The photoshoot was quite chill, the whole setting was perfect. I already knew the other models, Ian & you obviously, so that lead to an extra vibe. The pictures became very beautiful. Shout out to Cherise & Yavez.


What traits should a person have to work with you? A back to back as an example.

A good state of mind.

If you should name a person on the spot that you would like to work with, who would that be?

Those things happens organically, so currently I don’t have a candidate in mind.

Everybody has someone they look or looked up to. Who was the first artist who took your attention, this doesn’t have to be a DJ?

Stevie Wonder.

There are a load of aspects that encourage the development of you as an artist. Can you explain that in three words?

Focus, control, overview.

What do you like most about your own work?

Pfoe, never looked at it from that perspective. I let you all make that desicion.


Where do you see yourself within 5 years?

Mm, rather ask me this question in about 5 years, where I am at that time.

How do you feel about the flood of new DJs and producers nowadays, and how do you think you should distinguish yourself in this.

I think it's cool. There is always room for new talent, and I'm sure there's plenty of talent. I prefer to follow my own path. And honestly, I’m just trying to keep myself occupied, improve myself and be refreshing.

Can you tell by your own interest and choices that you attache a big value to the internet?

Yep. The impact of the web is huge and that will continue so for the time being

Just another question in between; what was your best experience as a DJ?

I’ve had several beautiful experiences, but the recent trip to Asia was a nice one. But anyway, every gig is a blessing.

What would you advice to all starters?

Never stop learning.


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