Introducing: Brockhampton

October 2, 2017
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BROCKHAMPTON, founded by visionary Kevin Abstract in 2015, is a Los Angeles based boyband unlike any other. Kevin created the group because he wanted to build his own dynasty. And that is exactly what he did. This 15-membered crew includes everything a self-sufficient collective could dream of; from rappers to producers to creative designers and web developers. All cooped up together in a house in L.A., they managed to get a show on Viceland and created two of the best hip-hop projects of 2017 so far.

SATURATION, released on June 9th, is a 17-tracks long album about knowing, accepting and being yourself. SATURATION 2, a 16-tracks long album released on August 25th, is an extension of the first one, but shows improvement from the band as a whole. Which promises a lot for the future of this self-proclaimed boyband. BROCKHAMPTON is all about redefining standards, which is probably why you’ll find various songs that differ greatly in sound on their albums, i.e. trap beats, R&B melodies, acoustic vocals, etc. What ties it all together are the odd extra’s incorporated in the production, the raw lyrics and the recurring self-acceptance theme throughout the songs. These aspects combined provide both projects with a unique edge that does indeed redefine hip-hop and the term boyband for that matter. The rich beats, smooth melodies and hard lyrics provide a funky, grimy vibe that remains throughout both albums. Aggressive at times but vulnerable in their honesty, they convene one message; it all comes down to being who you are.


Favorite tracks: GOLD, STAR, FACE, TEETH, JESUS

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