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July 25, 2017
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The whole basketball world was shocked when news came out that Kyrie Irving wanted to be traded out of Cleveland and people automatically concluded that he doesn’t want to play with Lebron anymore.
Let me say this; I FULLY understand that Kyrie wants out of Cleveland. But I don’t buy the story that he doesn’t want to play with Lebron anymore.

Let’s go back to 2014. Kyrie was set to be the cornerstone of the franchise and the owner of the team Dan Gilbert promised to build the franchise around him. Then two weeks later Lebron decided to come “home”, and instead of building around Kyrie, they built the Cavs around Lebron.
They became champions together, and Lebron elevated Kyrie’s game to superstar level.

The reason that Kyrie has asked for a trade, in my opinion, is that the franchise direction is going south… very quickly... Lebron James is going to leave the Cavaliers next season. He has delivered his promise and made Cleveland an NBA champion so he can leave with his head up. I fully expect him to join the L.A. Lakers to play with Lonzo Ball and maybe even Paul George and Russell Westbrook if they would decide to join their hometown team. And the chance increases if Lebron is heading there. Now that would be a hell of a foundation to compete with the best…

Let’s get back on topic. The Cavaliers are in this bad spot because of Dan Gilbert. Which owner is dumb enough to fire his GM who is working on a deal to bring both Carmelo Anthony and Paul George to Cleveland and just a couple of days before the draft and thus far ruining all plans made? He is still the same owner he was in 2010 when Lebron left and burned him publicly.

So if you were Kyrie Irving; would you risk to play three years of your prime for an owner who doesn't live up to his promises, has one of the biggest luxury tax rosters with no room for improvement and without Lebron James, not a single player that will compliment the game Kyrie wants to play? I sure wouldn’t.
A lot of people are surprised of the timing this message is brought out. For Kyrie, this is the best time ever for this message to get out. He can play upcoming season for another championship (if he isn’t traded before the trade deadline), play another year with the best player in the world in Lebron James, but all teams in the league know now that he wants out. So of the 30 NBA teams, 29 teams will be calling the Cleveland Cavaliers to inquire about Kyrie.

To throw in a trade, I think that will happen: Kyrie will be traded after December 12th to the Timberwolves for Jeff Teague and Andre Wiggins. Yes, the Andre Wiggins that they drafted number 1 and traded for Kevin Love. Jeff Teague at earliest can be traded after December 12th, because he signed this summer, but he will fit a lot better to that roster with the players on it when Lebron and Kyrie are gone.

But whatever pans out. What happens next will reshape the whole NBA landscape…. again…

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