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Kyrie Irving about The Kyrie-5 Release

Kyrie Irving about The Kyrie-5 Release

Kyrie Irving’s fifth Nike signature shoe has been officially revealed. Designed by Ben Nethongkome, with a focus on the on-court performance as well as enticing colorways. We are just as excited about the new design as Kyrie is himself.

“Look how far we have come” That is how Irving would describe the Kyrie 5 to his 17-year-old self. “It’s is remarkable to see what can be created based upon having technology that is beneficial for the player.”

Nike always wants to be better, wanting to do things, especially for their signature athletes. The Kyrie’s are a good example, the evolution in performance between the Kyrie 1 and the Kyrie 5 is amazing. With the first Kyrie’s, Irving was very focused on making a shoe design that looked good. With the new design, he wanted to make a shoe that was driven form who he is. He wanted to show he is a normal person with a vision and is trying to be as honest as possible.


The new Nike Air Zoom unit is one of the things that originated from the technology that was mentioned earlier. This should advance the speed and the sharpness of the player who is wearing the Kyrie 5’s. This is based on three critical elements.

  1. An articulated forefoot zoom bag: The air zoom turbo unit curves to wrap the bottom and sides on the foot. Which is a technological unlock for supporting guard play.
  2.  A new containment system: This is inspired by Venus Flytrap. This feature creates optimal containment above the air zoom turbo unit.
  3.  A new traction pattern: This is inspired by Irving himself. Kyrie has a Hamsa hand tattoo on his arm, which is a symbol of protection for him. This became the jump-off point for designing the outsole patterns. This also makes it more than a basketball shoe, it shows the spirit of Kyrie through the shoe.

This edition of the Kyrie is special because it’s created based on stories and on how Kyrie is as a person. Irving was more involved in choosing colors and the overall designing. Besides this, he wanted to find the right balance between style en honesty. So he asked himself a few questions that will be answered throughout the season. What are you willing to try?  What are you willing to push forward? What are you willing to go see? What are you willing to bring into the influence of what you’re creating?”

The KYRIE 5 launches November 22

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