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July 26, 2017
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July 27, 2017

She is one of the best centers in the Netherlands and now playing for the Miami Hurricanes.Two years ago she won the bronze medal with the VU20. Please meet Emese Hof, 21 years old, born in Utrecht.

Was basketball your first sport? In which teams did you play?

Basketball was my first sport. My sister and my parents all played basketball, so it was an obvious choice. I started at the Cangeroes in Utrecht. After a few years I played at UBALL and SVO, which are also a teams in Utrecht. CTO Amsterdam was the next team I played for and right now I play in Miami.

What kind of player are you? Are there any capabilities you want to improve?

I see myself as a post player, moving around the basket. I would like to improve my mid and long range shots. But first I want to recover from my injury. Three weeks ago I had an ankle surgery, but it’s getting better now.

What have you learned in the seasons you played at CTO?

I learned a lot in those years. I became mentally stronger, physically I have had more strength inside the bucket. But overall, at CTO you learn to set plays and good passing skills.

Since 2015 you are playing in Miami. Must be a dream come true?

To be honest, the United States used to seem so far away from the Netherlands. But when I visited the country, I felt home immediately. I really enjoy it there, so right now it is a dream that came true!

I think your greatest performance was your half-court shot during the play-offs in 2015, which gave CTO the win with 84-81. Is this your favorite moment?

It was great, sure! But I think my most fantastic memory is the bronze medal in 2015 with Orange Angels U20. We had a great team and worked for each other to reach the semi-finals, which led us to the bronze medal.

You now play the Orange Angels. What’s the difference in play with VU20

At the Orange Angels you play in a higher motion. That is why I started watching EuroBasket. To learn and understand what you need to improve to compete at their level.

Is there a difference in basketball between the United States and Europe ?

I think basketball in the US is like setting up quick plays. That’s in European basketball too, but I think understanding play systems in offense and defense is the main difference between the US and Europe.

What’s your advice for all young players?

The most important is having a lot of fun. When you are playing with joy, everything will be alright!

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