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Milos Teodosic – road to the NBA

Milos Teodosic – road to the NBA

Being a rookie in the NBA is not nothing. But, being a rookie in the NBA at 30 makes it just a bit harder. Still Milos Teodosic, lovingly called Teo, dared to make that step. He is not the oldest rookie ever in the NBA, but he comes close. Pablo Prigioni still holds that honor, making his debut for the Knicks at the age of 35. This Summer, after his contract expired with CSKA Moskou, Teo decided to go overseas. He signed a contract with the Los Angeles Clippers for $12,3 million dollars.

Milos Teodosic is especially known for his great passing skills; he is a magician with the ball and is able to make the craziest and most unexpected passes you have ever seen. What he lacks in the defense, he more than makes up for with his passes.

During his time in Europe, he played for CSKA Moskou and Olympiacos. There, he was voted Euroleague MVP once (in 2010) and made it into the All-Euroleague team 6 times. In his last season, he was even named the best non-NBA player by the NBA coaches. This shows that he performed at a great level in Europe. Teo has also done a lot for the Serbian national team. He helped bring Serbian basketball to a higher level, where he even lead his team to the semifinals with a long three over Spain in 2010. Unfortunately, he was not able to participate in the Eurobasket this summer, as he was not completely healthy. Together with his new team, he made the decision to skip the tournament.

Teodosic has been one of the best European players for years, but only now he decided to make the step. There were offers before, but Teo only wanted to come to the NBA on his terms. After the Clippers traded Chris Paul to the Rockets this off season, the Clippers became the perfect team for Teodosic. Teo was also perfect for the Clippers, as they lost a lot of assist possibilities (or lobs) when CP3 left their team. But, it seems like Teodosic would be a great addition, and is able to show that ‘Lob City’ is not dead with the Clippers. At the Clippers, Teo will encounter his former teammate, Patrick Beverly, as they already played together in Greece.

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The question is, whether he will be able to adapt to the NBA. Will he be able to show the same qualities with which he entertained all those people in Europe? And maybe even more important, can his body withstand the more demanding NBA? Well, unfortunately, we already have an answer to that question. In only his second game in the NBA, Teo had to leave the game due to a foot injury after he had only played eleven minutes. So far, he is without a timetable for returning to action with the Clippers. But, fortunately, he already gave the Clippers fans a glimpse of what they can expect from him in the pre-season and the first game of the season. Now, we will have to wait and see when Teo will be able to make his comeback into the NBA.

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