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Movie Guide- July

Movie Guide- July

It’s the start of a new month, which means tons of new movies are coming out, varying from feel-good comedy to the survival of the fittest in an alternative society. Including a sequel of a movie that defined a generation and took 14 years for the second part to be released. Yes, I’m talking about The Incredibles 2. So without further or do, here’s our list of must-see movies in July.

1. The Incredibles II

The worlds favorite Super Family is finally returning to the theaters with a new story, which starts from the exact moment where they last left off. Supers have officially resurfaced, but the world isn’t quite ready for them. Helen, the mom of the family is chosen to be part of a special superhero initiative in order to make supers legal again. This leaves it up to Bob to become a stay at home dad, which is a supertask of his own, especially with baby Jack Jack’s out of control powers.

Release date: June 28th

2. TAG

Every year a group of very competitive friends plays a game of “Tag” for the duration of a whole month. It has been a tradition ever since the first year of high school and they risk whatever it takes to win the game, whether it affects their jobs, relationships and other aspects of their lives. This year the game falls on the wedding day of the undefeated champion, so the rest of the squad thinks he’ll be an easy target. Little do they know, just how prepared he is…

Release date: June 28th

3. The First Purge

The First Purge will be the 4th movie in the series but is a pre-qual in which we see how the purge first came to be. The First Purge is an experiment executed by the New Founding Father of America (NFFA) and takes place in a single city. Things, however, get out of hand and the purge quickly spreads throughout other cities and states.

Release date: July 5th

4. Skyscraper

If you’re in for 2 hours of muscle filled, blockbuster action, Skyscraper starring, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the movie for you. Will Ford (Johnson) is a former leader of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and war veteran who now works as a security detail for skyscrapers. When on assignment in China, the highest and most secure skyscraper in the world catches fire and Will is accused of the crime. Will fleds the scene and goes on the hunt for the real terrorist to clear his name.

 Release date: July 12th

5. Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

The Incredibles 2 isn’t the only long-awaited sequel to be released over a decade later this month. The Iconic feel-good musical, Mama Mia is returning to theatres with the magical story of how Donna’s relationships with Sophie’s 3 possible dads began. Once again the musical features songs by the legendary ABBA and all original actors from the first movie are playing their original parts.

Release date: July 19th

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