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Movie Guide – May

Movie Guide – May

It’s the start of a new month, which means tons of new movies are coming out, varying from action-comedy flicks to terrifying psychological gameplay. Including one of the most controversial, yet incredibly loved superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So without any further or due, here’s our list of must-see movies in the month of May.

Truth or Dare

College student, Olivia Barron (Portrayed by Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale) and her friends set up a harmless game of truth or dare. The game, however, quickly takes a turn for the worse when a supernatural force is after the group and punishes those who tell a lie instead of the truth or refuse to execute one of the assignments.

Release date: May 3rd

I feel pretty

When Renee, portrayed by Amy Schumer, suffers from a head injury due to falling off her bike in the gym her self-image completely shifts. Instead of seeing herself as the average plain jane, that struggles with insecurities she really is, she sees herself as the most beautiful and confident person in the world. She decides to take this “new me” as an opportunity to get everything she wants in life, without anyone standing in her way. The question, however, is what will happen when her head heals and she realizes her appearance never really changed.

Release date: May 3rd

The death of Stalin

The death of Stalin is a dark, comedic twist on the actual events that took place after the death of one of the biggest dictators in history. After Josef Stalin is found unconscious in March 1953, the fellow leaders of the communist party are left frozen. Nobody dares to call for a doctor since Stalin has banished all medical personnel. Two days later he’s declared dead, resulting in a power vacuum in which everybody tries to save themselves. A hilarious battle for power, filled with mind games and deceit.

Release date: May 3rd

Deadpool II

In this next chapter of the Live-action comic, Wade Wilson aka “Deadpool”, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds struggles to realize his dream of to become a successful bartender. Other than that he also has to learn to cope with the loss of taste, and finding his passion and a fluxcondensator. In order to achieve all of the above, Wade goes head to head with ninja’s, the Yakuza and sexually aggressive dogs. In the meantime, he travels the world to discover the meaning of family and friends, find new adventures and earn the coffee mug title “World’s Best Lover”.

Release date: May 17th

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