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July 3, 2017
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July 5, 2017

Every sport has its big name fans. The NBA is no exception.Here are some of the biggest NBA celebrity fans.

Toronto Raptors — Drake

A Canadian with a love for basketball. Drake supports a lot of teams but his favorite comes from the great white north. The Toronto Raptors. Besides being a giant fan, he is also their Global Ambassador.

LA Lakers — Jack Nicholson

The Lakers are pretty much Hollywood. A lot of celebrities watch their games. Even with all these celebrities, there is only one fan that everybody knows. That is Jack. He has been a Lakers fan for so long, through thick and thin. No way we could leave him of this list.

Memphis Grizzlies — Justin Timberlake

A lesser known fan, JT is a Memphis native and Grizzlies fan. He is also part of the ownership group. You might have seen him at a home game pretending to be a camera man.

Atlanta Hawks — 2 Chainz

A trueeeee Atlanta sports fan, 2 Chainz is often spotted at Hawks and Falcons games. He is always accompanied by other rappers or his little girls. They even have a 2 Chainz night!!!

New York Knicks — Spike Lee

Duhhhhhhhh.. We all know the Reggie Miller saga.

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