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NBA legends: Jason Kidd

NBA legends: Jason Kidd

If you know basketball, you know Jason Kidd. He was a favourite for a lot of people. Kidd was a player that made everyone look good. He had amazing court vision and understood the game like no other.

Jason Frederick Kidd grew up near Oakland where he used to play with the future point guard of the Supersonics, Gary Payton. Kidd went to the high school St. Joseph Notre Dame. He led that team to two state championships, which led to a scholarship for Berkeley, University of California. As their starting point guard, he did so well that he got selected for the first All American team.

In 1994, the Dallas Mavericks had the second pick, this is where Kidd started his NBA career. In his first season he averaged 11.7 points, 5.4 rebounds and 7.7 assists a game. That same year he and Grant hill of the Detroit Pistons got to accept the Rookie of the Year award. 

After two years of playing for the Mavericks Kidd got traded to the Phoenix Suns who he led to the play-offs 5 times in a row. After those five seasons he got trades once again but this time to the New Jersey Nets. Because of that trade the Nets went through a whole change. The Nets had been struggling in the NBA and where one of the worst teams there. They changed into a team that was seriously considered a team that could get to the finals. 

After seven years playing for the Nets Kidd went back to the Dallas Mavericks where in 2011 they beat the Miami Heat in the finals and became NBA champions. He ended his NBA playing career in New York. 

At the moment we are in the Golden Age for point guards, and Jason Kid could be the one that started all of this! He could be the reason for this revolution. It was all about giving your team the best chance of scoring, but he could look good doing it.

After that last season he immediately got hired as the coach of Brooklyn Nets. He coached there for one season and led them to the Conference Finals. For now, his NBA coaching career had ended, as he was fired as the Milwaukee Bucks’ head coach a couple of days ago, after coaching them for four years. 

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What makes Jason Kidd special? Well… Every team that Jason Kidd ever played for he got to the playoffs. That is pretty Impressive. But that is not all.  Through his Career Kidd Ended third on the All- Time triple- double list with 107, Second in steals with 2684, Second in assists with 12091 and ninth in three- pointers with 1988.

Also this year he has been nominated for the hall of fame.

Probably you won’t understand the spark that Jason Kidd could give to a team by just reading this. So I would recommend you to watch a couple of games he played, because as I said before “Jason made everyone look cool”.

For a fast look check out the video.

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