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August 23, 2017
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August 23, 2017
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August 24, 2017

New year, new NBA 2K. This time the developer's team surprised us with not only 16 new historic teams, but also new All-Time Teams. With this announcement, it seems like a good moment to try and predict the starting five for all teams. This time, we will start with the Central Division of the NBA.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Mark Price
Austin Carr
LeBron James
Larry Nance
Brad Daughtrey

This was a hard team to decide. We all know LeBron is a must, the other spots were the problem. Kyrie is still young, so we made the choice to skip him. We decided to go for Mark Price on the point guard position since he already made a significant impact on the team during the nineties. Same goes for Brad Daughtry and Larry Nance. Kevin Love hasn't proven as much as Larry Nance, even though he has a ring with the team, so he did not make our list. The shooting guard was the hardest to select. You could make a case for Larry Hughes, but he only had three seasons with the team where he played decently. Therefore, we chose Austin Carr as the All Time shooting guard.

Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose
Michael Jordan
Scottie Pippin
Dennis Rodman
Artis Gilmore

Well... This is pretty much one of the best starting fives of all time. There is no doubt for any of the spots. You could make a case for almost any of these players to be the best at their position, if you take their prime seasons of course. 

Detroit Pistons

Isiah Thomas
Joe Dumars
Adrian Dantley
Dennis Rodman
Ben Wallace

This team almost became just the 89-90 pistons team, but let's be honest we can't leave out Ben Wallace. Bill Laimbeer was more of an enforcer and not a starting five player on this team. We could have also chosen Mark Aguirre for the small forward position, but Adrian Dantley edges him out because he was an incredible scorer.

Indiana Pacers

Mark Jackson
Reggie Miller
Paul George
George McGinnes
Rik Smits

This team was easy, every one of these players left their mark in the Pacers history. Jermaine O'Neal was a great player but let's be honest, no one in Pacers history can beat The Dunking Dutchman.

Milwaukee Bucks

Oscar Robertson
Ray Allen
Bob Dandridge
Terry Cummings
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The Bucks are a real powerhouse if it comes to legends, and therefore we had a lot of legends to choose from. There was no doubt in our mind that Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would get a spot in the team. The Bucks had several great shooting guards, such as Michael Redd and Sidney Moncrief, but we decided that Ray Allen was the way to go. The small forward position was difficult as well. It is clear that Antetokounmpo is already better than Bob Dandridge, but we did not select him for the All Time team yet, because he has not played in the NBA long enough. The power forward spot could have either gone to ‘The Big Dog’ Glen Robinson, but Terry Cummings just won our vote.

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